Framing, in photography terms, is using other objects in an image to bring focus to the main subject. Charlotte Camera Club recently organized a photography scavenger hunt and one of the items to find was “Framed”. I’m challenged by this composition, so a field trip to the grand opening of First Ward Park in Uptown Charlotte seemed like the perfect place to practice. The search was on! I was going to get as many images as I could that were “framed”.

Walking to the park, I passed the public library. I’ve shot at this location before and have used the tunnel-like area to silhouette a subject. Just to warm up, I figured I’d start there.


When I arrived at the park, the festivities had not yet begun. There were some people milling about and a few kids playing near a fountain and in the open field. Oh, what a cute dog! Dog owners almost always allow me to take photos of their pet. I framed this little gal between her owners.


Kids are easy to approach and most like having their picture taken. I asked one boy who was tossing around a soft disc if he would hold it up so that it would frame his face, and another boy (the one pictured below) asked if I would take his photo too.


Hmmm…..there’s a person sitting on a bench and here’s a trash can right in front of me that has on opening on either side. It was tricky getting a decent exposure on this one.


Eventually the grand opening was in full swing and five musicians were set up in the park. I hope I didn’t break their concentration as I photographed over their shoulders. At one point I showed one of them the view on my LCD screen, so she could see I had a purpose. I spent a bit of time near the musicians trying to get a composition I was pleased with.


A police officer standing in a doorway. I’m sure he noticed me photographing him, but didn’t seem to mind.


What I learned:  It’s easier to frame a subject than I thought.


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