Every Woman Can Be…A Beautiful Subject

I brought my Canon 6D, 100mm lens, flash and flash bracket to an Every Woman Can Be meeting as a always do. I took the usual candid shots of two or more ladies laughing, sipping coffee and conversing with one another. I also took head shots of individuals and those were the ones I like best. The first three images below are candid shots. The women didn’t know I was taking a photo (or they acted like they didn’t know). For all of the photos I took that afternoon, I didn’t adjust the flash compensation, but rather changed the camera settings to add or subtract light. Camera settings for the first three photos were 1/125 sec., f/2.8 to 3.5, and ISO 250.

It’s always a challenge to get an uncluttered background with many ladies moving about, servers coming and going, and all the plates, glasses and decorations on the tables. In addition, the room has dark wood and mirrors on the walls which cause a refection when using flash. Although there’s a lot of stuff in the background in the photo below, the fact that the stuff is blurred and that it’s quite monotone makes for a pleasing image. The subject stands out from the background.


The harsh shadow under this woman’s chin shows that the light from the flash was coming from above her. I’m okay with the shadow in this situation. Her face is well lit in this candid shot of a her listening to the opening presentation.

IMG_3710 clone lt face

I was looking for different angles and found one by standing on a chair. Cool hair, huh? Again a shadow under the chin.


As seen in the images above, the eyes are often not looking at the camera in my candid shots. In addition, many times the subject is caught with eyes closed, an unusual expression on her face because she’s in conversation, or a hand waving in front of her face. I’ve deleted those files.

The next three images are more portrait style. Each person knew I was taking her picture. I like this style of photography better and like the results better. Camera settings were 1/180 sec., f/2.8 to 3.5, and ISO 100.

I took several candid shots of this pretty lady while she was listening to the presenter, and wasn’t happy with just getting her profile. She noticed I was photographing her, turned toward me and struck a pose.

IMG_3754 less warmth

I tried several times to get a good photo of this woman, but kept getting the paneled walls as a background, and her hair color blended in. I finally stood on a chair and asked her to look up at me. The unique angle worked.

IMG_3756 clone dk forehead

Here’s another portrait achieved by giving a little direction. “Hey, can you keep your body facing that way, but turn your head toward me?”

IMG_3764 clone less red

I’m glad I had the opportunity to photograph during the luncheon.

Practice makes better.




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