80 & Awesome

My dad will turn 80 years old on February 23rd. That’s awesome and so is he. When I think of him, these qualities come to mind: kind, generous, smart, supportive, happy and easygoing. What’s not to love!

My dad lives in IL; I live in NC. I took this portrait while visiting him for his birthday this past weekend.

IMG_5090 clone


My dad worked in a commercial photo lab from age 17 until he retired. He was our family photographer and took more slides than I can count. He helped me learn and enjoy photography. I began using a camera at the age of 7 and worked during my college summers at the photo lab where he worked. He’s been a big part of my photography journey.

As I took photos of him this weekend, I was reminded of him standing under the light of a street lamp when I asked him to be the subject for an assignment for my b/w photography college course. He’s always been there for me. Here’s that photo of him I took 35 years ago with my Pentax K1000.


Here are a few others I took, developed and printed while in college.

And here he is at age 80. Still the awesomeness he was and always will be!

Love you Dad!


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