Yes 2 Yoga Headshots

I had fun meeting & photographing the instructors at Yes 2 Yoga. The owner, Donna Duffy, is building a new website and asked that I take headshots of  instructors needing one. We met on a Saturday after classes were finished for the day and I took the photographs in the studio.

There are large windows providing a fair amount of light in the Yes 2 Yoga studio. I placed each subject with her face toward the window light. I wanted the flash to be fill flash and not the main source of light, so camera settings were:  ISO 800, f/4.0, 1/60 sec. I used my 100mm fixed focal length macro lens and was sure that Image Stabilization (IS) was on.


I took a few extra photos of Donna.IMG_5277 - 5x7

IMG_5247 - 5x7IMG_5283 - 5x7

Group shots!IMG_5350IMG_5355

Good luck ladies in all you do! Namaste.


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