Steve McCurry Exhibit

Afghan Girl is a 1984 portrait by journalist Steve McCurry which appeared on the June 1985 cover of National Geographic. It is one of the most recognized photographs in the world, and has been equated with Leonardo da Vinvi’s  painting of the Mona Lisa. I was thrilled when I learned an exhibit of Steve McCurry’s work will be displayed at the Hickory Museum of Art, just an hour from my home, from September 12, 2015 through May 8, 2016. My first thought was, I must see the image of Afghan Girl in person. I brought my camera along not knowing if I would be allowed to take photos in the art gallery. Upon arrival, I was told I could photograph Steve McCurry’s images only if a person was present in my images. Oh, I can do that!

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. Here’s Afghan Girl!

IMG_5417 bw lighten - dodge

I had just my camera body and one lens with me – my favorite 100mm fixed focal length lens. I asked my husband to sit on the bench and the photo above was taken from a 2nd floor vantage point. This photo recently won me a red ribbon in a Charlotte Camera Club competition. Thanks Steve for the awesome subject!

IMG_5394 extra

How can you not stop and admire Afghan Gril? Thank you Sharbat Gula for kindly allowing Steve McCurry to take your photo many years ago.

This is one of favorite Steve McCurry images (below). So intense. So awesome.


I like this image (below) with it’s great blue/yellow color and unusual location of the children. So well done. Thanks to my friend, Mary (with her blue shirt and golden hair), for standing in, so that I could take this picture.


Steve McCurry, you rock!








Play Ball!

If you haven’t already met Dylan (he was featured in an earlier post titled “Emma & Dylan“), he’s the cute 6-yr-old kid on my street who loves to play baseball.



I had fun watching and photographing a game the other evening. I used my L Series 70-200mm lens to get close to the action. Dealt with hard light at 6:15 in the evening on an open field and shadows in the dugout. Also dealt with a little boy who doesn’t sit still.

It’s cool that the teammates take turns playing various positions throughout the game. The first position Dylan played was catcher.


It’s really tough being the catcher. You have to remember things like: Open your mitt to catch the ball.  🙂

Whew! That was hard work out there. Time for a cool splash of Gatorade. Oh no, brain freeze!


Warming up in the batters box for that big moment.

Now at bat for the Braves, #5 Dylan!


Yay! A base hit that eventually resulted in a run.


There’s always time for silliness during the game….

IMG_8131 edge

And spending time with friends is awesome.

IMG_8108 ccop clone

Dylan thought he’s never get to pitch, but he was finally assigned the position of pitcher.


Oh no. Player on the other team is hurt. All the other players get down on one knee while someone tends to the hurt individual. But it’s taking a bit long, so what’s a boy to do, but throw his mitt around while he waits.


The Braves played well…and so did the opposing team. The game ended in a tie with a score of 6-6. No tie breaker, so everyone’s a winner!


Keep up the good work Dylan!

Keep Calm and Prom On

A prom shoot for eleven young adults brought back memories of when I was in their shoes. It made me happy to be part of their big night. Thank you to friend, Melinda Manning, for asking me to be the photographer.

The original location of a pond and gazebo in my area was nixed when the forecast was calling for rain. Plan B was the Headquarters of the Oasis Shriners because it has a large, outdoor covered area that still lets in a lot of light. I spotted it while the upcoming shoot was on my mind, and I was running into Sam’s Club across the street. Turned out to be a great location. We had light drizzle toward the end of the shoot. Thank goodness it wasn’t a downpour!IMG_7982

The girls were beautiful!


The guys were handsome!

And together they made beautiful couples!





I had 1 1/2  hrs. to take all the photos before the shuttle to take them to dinner arrived. I used just one lens – my Canon 24mm-105mm. It’s not as sharp as my 100mm, but I felt I didn’t have time to be changing lenses during the shoot. It was much easier to zoom in or out as needed. I used a flash to fill in shadows and to get a catch light in the eyes. I took over 300 photos and each “prom person” received a disc with 90 images.

I hope they all had a awesome time at prom! Looks like they were off to a good start. 🙂



Law & Order…and Photography

I was pleased to have been asked to photograph the staff of William K. Goldfarb Law Offices in Monroe for their new website. We started with headshots of the office staff. Like many people, most did not like having their picture taken, but it was my job to make them feel comfortable. We used the small foyer area of the office building. There was some natural light, but not too much. With my camera in AV mode and an aperture set to 3.2, I used ISO 640 and 1/60 sec. I used my usual go-to 100mm fixed focal length lens and a flash bounced off the ceiling at -1/3 flash exposure compensation.

Photos of William, Alex, and William’s father Carl were taken at the old Monroe Courthouse. Awesome location. Old wood and big windows. I used an aperture of 3.2 for most individual shots. The shutter speed was 1/60 sec. and I adjusted the ISO when I need more or less light, but stayed mostly around 100.


William Goldfarb




It was William’s idea for me to stand on the judge’s bench to get the photos below. Great idea, William!

The firm celebrated their 20th anniversary the day I was there photographing. Wishing you continued success, William and staff!