Law & Order…and Photography

I was pleased to have been asked to photograph the staff of William K. Goldfarb Law Offices in Monroe for their new website. We started with headshots of the office staff. Like many people, most did not like having their picture taken, but it was my job to make them feel comfortable. We used the small foyer area of the office building. There was some natural light, but not too much. With my camera in AV mode and an aperture set to 3.2, I used ISO 640 and 1/60 sec. I used my usual go-to 100mm fixed focal length lens and a flash bounced off the ceiling at -1/3 flash exposure compensation.

Photos of William, Alex, and William’s father Carl were taken at the old Monroe Courthouse. Awesome location. Old wood and big windows. I used an aperture of 3.2 for most individual shots. The shutter speed was 1/60 sec. and I adjusted the ISO when I need more or less light, but stayed mostly around 100.


William Goldfarb




It was William’s idea for me to stand on the judge’s bench to get the photos below. Great idea, William!

The firm celebrated their 20th anniversary the day I was there photographing. Wishing you continued success, William and staff!




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