Keep Calm and Prom On

A prom shoot for eleven young adults brought back memories of when I was in their shoes. It made me happy to be part of their big night. Thank you to friend, Melinda Manning, for asking me to be the photographer.

The original location of a pond and gazebo in my area was nixed when the forecast was calling for rain. Plan B was the Headquarters of the Oasis Shriners because it has a large, outdoor covered area that still lets in a lot of light. I spotted it while the upcoming shoot was on my mind, and I was running into Sam’s Club across the street. Turned out to be a great location. We had light drizzle toward the end of the shoot. Thank goodness it wasn’t a downpour!IMG_7982

The girls were beautiful!


The guys were handsome!

And together they made beautiful couples!





I had 1 1/2  hrs. to take all the photos before the shuttle to take them to dinner arrived. I used just one lens – my Canon 24mm-105mm. It’s not as sharp as my 100mm, but I felt I didn’t have time to be changing lenses during the shoot. It was much easier to zoom in or out as needed. I used a flash to fill in shadows and to get a catch light in the eyes. I took over 300 photos and each “prom person” received a disc with 90 images.

I hope they all had a awesome time at prom! Looks like they were off to a good start. 🙂




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