Play Ball!

If you haven’t already met Dylan (he was featured in an earlier post titled “Emma & Dylan“), he’s the cute 6-yr-old kid on my street who loves to play baseball.



I had fun watching and photographing a game the other evening. I used my L Series 70-200mm lens to get close to the action. Dealt with hard light at 6:15 in the evening on an open field and shadows in the dugout. Also dealt with a little boy who doesn’t sit still.

It’s cool that the teammates take turns playing various positions throughout the game. The first position Dylan played was catcher.


It’s really tough being the catcher. You have to remember things like: Open your mitt to catch the ball.  🙂

Whew! That was hard work out there. Time for a cool splash of Gatorade. Oh no, brain freeze!


Warming up in the batters box for that big moment.

Now at bat for the Braves, #5 Dylan!


Yay! A base hit that eventually resulted in a run.


There’s always time for silliness during the game….

IMG_8131 edge

And spending time with friends is awesome.

IMG_8108 ccop clone

Dylan thought he’s never get to pitch, but he was finally assigned the position of pitcher.


Oh no. Player on the other team is hurt. All the other players get down on one knee while someone tends to the hurt individual. But it’s taking a bit long, so what’s a boy to do, but throw his mitt around while he waits.


The Braves played well…and so did the opposing team. The game ended in a tie with a score of 6-6. No tie breaker, so everyone’s a winner!


Keep up the good work Dylan!


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