I was asked by the Creative Director at Selmarq , a marketing agency, to photograph Kim Zegil for her new website. Kim is an experienced yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer, and Registered Nurse. She recently graduated from NC Massage School with a concentration in Neuromuscular Medical Massage. She is currently developing workshops, trainings and healing work, and accepts private clients.

I enjoyed working with Kim! She’s so easygoing and is a natural in front of the camera. Once I suggested and coached a pose, she comfortably “worked it”.  We went to two of my favorite locations, and the light at both was excellent. It was a sunny day, but I knew there would be shade near the buildings at the time of day I chose for the shoot. Temperature was a bit warm at 86 degrees. Not a problem though. We had water and air conditioned cars nearby.

IMG_8730 wLAS

IMG_8696 wLAS

I had a flash with me, but there was no need to use it. The bright day lit up Kim’s face and the reflection of the sky created a catch light in the eyes. I worked in aperture priority using f/2.8-f/3.2 and didn’t need to adjust the exposure compensation. ISO was set at 100 and the shutter speed varied between 1/200 and 1/500 sec. I always use center-weighted average metering mode for portraits. My 100mm macro lens is quite sharp and was a good choice for this assignment.

IMG_8656 wLAS

Kim has a favorite hat that she wears often. So why not wear it for a few portraits?

IMG_8751 wLAS

I look forward to seeing Kim’s website and wish her success in all she sets out to accomplish. This girl has a terrific attitude and I can tell she’s a strong woman!


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