I’ve taken A LOT of photos over the years. There was a time when macro photography was a favorite, and a time when I discovered nature photography.  Macro has stuck, but nature photography has not. I found that I enjoyed taking photos of old stuff, and still do. I’ve enjoyed field trips to farmer’s markets, county fairs, car shows, botanical gardens and antique malls to name a few. I took a photo of one of my dogs each day during the month of December, and took a photo of something around my house for 30 days for another personal project. The current personal project is to photograph all the outdoor sculptures on the campus of UNCC. All during this time, when someone would ask what I liked to photograph, I would say, “Anything but people.”

That has changed. I don’t remember which came first – street photography or portraiture. Both involve photographing people and both are something I’d like to practice. This blog is a way for me to document the learning process and share what I learn with others.

My most recent pesonal project is to photograph 100 strangers. Approach a person, talk for a bit, ask him/her if I can take their photo and learn a bit about them. I’ll then post photos of each stranger, comment on the experience of meeting him/her and share a bit about each person on the 100 Strangers Project page of my blog. Can’t wait to see who I’ll meet!



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