Game Ready

The last time I photographed my neighbor Dylan playing baseball, he was six years old. He’s now an 8-year-old and still playing ball.resize IMG_2536 crop

Saturday’s cloudy morning was perfect for photography. I grabbed my Canon 6D and 70-200mm Canon L lens and headed to the ball field for an important game. A win for Dylan’s rec team, the Phillies, would mean they would be the #1 seed going into the playoffs.

Dylan played catcher and did a great job! Strrrrike!

resize IMG_2468resize IMG_2529

In between innings Dylan found time for silliness.

resized IMG_2516

Waiting his turn to bat. Things are a bit more serious now.

resize IMG_2541

At the plate. He got a hit!

resize IMG_2551

Jason is an all around great dad, good neighbor and committed assistant coach to the team. It’s not uncommon to see Dylan and Jason tossing the baseball in the driveway or cul-de-sac.

resize IMG_2521

At the game I photographed a few years ago, one of Dylan’s teammates knew I wasn’t Dylan’s mom, but I was taking a lot of photos of Dylan. The child asked if I was Dylan’s grandma. Grandma, really!?! Do I not look like an could be an aunt? The teammates at this game again must have noticed me taking a lot of photos of Dylan, but if they had a question as to who I was, they didn’t mention it. Time has made the boys wiser. Don’t mess with a woman’s age!

The Phillies won the game and this guy is a true team player!

resize IMG_2514 clone 5x7

Way to go, Dylan!



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